AutoMax Recruiting & Training Announces Strategic Partnership
With AutoPro Training Solutions, One Of The Top Fixed Operation
Companies In The World
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AutoMax - AutoPro Partnership
AutoPro Training Solutions            I               Motorcycle Dealers Network
AutoPro Training Solutions            I               Motorcycle Dealers Network
AutoMax Recruiting & Training, the nation’s most requested salesperson
recruiting and training company in North America has announced a strategic
partnership with Jim Bernardi of AutoPro where they can offer their clients a way
to dramatically increase their fixed operation revenue.

AutoMax in it’s never ending desire to meet the ever evolving needs of its clients
has partnered with the one of the top fixed operations companies in the world,

What this means is that each of AutoMax’s clients has the opportunity, without
having to spend time and resources, not to mention failed promises, looking for a
training company to aid them in increasing their fixed operations revenue.  
AutoMax has done all the hard work for them and has found a fixed operations
company in AutoPro who’s reputation is only surpassed by the level of work they

Craig Lockerd, Founder and CEO of Automax Recruiting & Training has this to
say about AutoPro:

    “AutoMax is proud and honored to have formed a partnership
    with one of the top Fixed Operations companies in the world.
    Jim and his people take doing business the right way to another
    level, It’s really not that hard to increase profit and production
    in any service department, but to do it with integrity and the
    client’s best interests in mind is achieved by very few, that’s
    why we picked Jim to help all AutoMax Clients.”

In the auto industry, selling cars seems to come before servicing cars but almost
every dealership out there knows that if you want to keep customers coming back
you must give them top notch service when something breaks down or routine
maintenance is needed. AutoMax’s partnership with AutoPro is a way to give a
dealership what they need: recruiting, powerful sales training and top notch fixed
operation consulting.
“Many dealers have recognized, especially over the past few years, the importance of having all departments
under the umbrella of Fixed Operations excelling at peak levels of performance.” Says Nancy Simmons of AutoMax.
“To increase profitability while exercising honest business ethics is what sets the training of Jim Bernardi and
AutoPro apart from the rest!  Enthusiastically and without reservation, I am happy to be able to provide all AutoMax
clients a solution which will increase fixed revenues, reduce fixed costs, all while enhancing customer retention and
CSI through the use of proper word tracks!“

Going forward, into and through 2011, dealerships more than ever are looking toward their vendors to aid them
more and more. Trust is quickly becoming a commodity and if 2009 and 2010 taught the auto industry anything it’s
that they need to be able to figure out ways to retain and make their customers happy by partnering with the best
and brightest. AutoMax, with all of their announcements and strategic partnerships, are showing that they are the
best and brightest.

By Craig Lockerd
President/AutoMax Recruiting
Craig has been in the automobile business for 37
years,started washing cars,parts,service writer, sales,
finance, management, consultant, trainer and now owner
of AutoMax Recruiting and Training the nations most
requested salesperson recruiting and training company.
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