Fixed Operations
Jim Bernardi, Publisher of Automotive Dealers Network and CEO of
AutoPro Training Solutions, has written over 70 articles to help Dealers
utilize their Service and Parts departments at top capacity.
Consider your Options
Consider the closing ratio of ups to sales in variable operations. It’s about 30
percent. (For every 100 people in the front door, you sell about 30 cars.) But, in
fixed operations the closing rate is 100 percent.
Happy Customers
Whenever a customer complains, he/she is in fact handing you a lesson in how to
please others for add-on business. So, take advantage of this opportunity with
these seven customer service tips on how to handle complaints and keep your
customers happy.
The WOW Factor
It's unfortunate that most businesses today don't realize that they are regularly
losing valuable customers if they don't focus on providing an exceptional
customer service experience.  
Do you know your Audience?
How do we regain our focus on the lost customers that fell by the wayside AND
regain a handle on profit margins & Service Absorption?
How do you Motivate your Team?
First, you must recognize inconsistencies within your individual team members
Sell in a Recession
Here are my top 5 tips for selling in a recession:  continued
Where is your Manager?
The service manager listened to the advisor first (poor decision) then he listened
to his customer's concern. Guess what? The Service Manager decided that the
customer was totally in the wrong
.  continued
That Customer never buys Anything
I witnessed an elderly woman pull into the service drive, hand the advisor the
keys as they exchanged pleasantries, then this sweet little lady walked away to
the customer lounge.   
Self Confidence
Why is a manger’s self-confidence so important to success?  Because people
gravitate to those who have it, and together they achieve superior results. Let’s
face it, either you have it or you wish you did.   
A 12 month plan that works
When we arrived last year, the dealer and his team struggled with just a few
important, but necessary fundamentals that push the needle in a forward motion.
Common Selling Errors
In order to eliminate these common mistakes we must first be able to recognize
them and implement the proper solution into the sales process.
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