Car Sales
Joe Verde, author and consultant, has written many articles to help even
the most experienced sales person increase productivity.
2010 in the Car Business
The car business changed dramatically, and it changed almost overnight.  
20+ Extra Units
Don’t say “we tried everything we could”  continued
Activity Management
We talk about time management in our Leadership workshops, and from the
comments we get after class, everyone agrees that time management is critical.  
Create a Win/Win
Create A Win/Win for You, your Salespeople and your Customers!  continued
Do I need a Selling System?
…or do we just need better processes?  continued
Finding Good Salespeople
Of course you’re looking for really good salespeople. But here’s the real question:
“Are the really good salespeople looking for you?”  
First Impressions
Management gets so busy, that it’s easy to overlook what your prospects see
when they come to your dealership.  
Is there a Formula for how many Salespeople we nee for
We have a problem before I even start to answer this question, which affects
almost everyone.  
The Great Ride is Over
Haven't the Last couple of decades been a Great Ride?  continued
How to Grow in a Down Market
If you really want to hit it out of the park in sales and income, this is your year to
start and all it takes is a clear plan.  
Hiring the Right People
Not many people in business would argue with this statement, yet almost
everyone reading this takes shortcuts, settles for and then hires the wrong
people in almost every position in the dealership – especially in “sales”.  
How to Sell More and Grow
Let’s look at the importance of management processes and procedures.  
Increase Sales 50%
You can sell 20-30% more units this month even with no training (eliminates
excuse #1, the money).
Is it Really Necessary?
“I can’t afford to lose a day or two at work to go to a training class with my
salespeople. Is it really necessary?”  
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