Dealership Acquisitions/Sales
Nancy Phillips facilitates smooth transitions for buyers and sellers. She
explains some of the need to know stuff before selling or purchasing a
Auto Industry Lessons
Do consumer incentives like 'Cash for Clunkers' and 'Scrappage' bring buying
Benchmarks of Dealership Values
Putting forth on dealership values is a sensitive thing – and while my own
business suffered hand in hand with the rest of our industry, we nevertheless
managed to find buyers for dealerships during this last year – albeit not quite as
prolifically as before.  
Close Your Dealership?
Selling an automobile dealership is a very complex and time consuming
Dealer Suicide
We can never know which one of us may have the opportunity to help a fellow
dealer who suffers from feelings of suicide.  
Deep Freeze for Dealership Deals?
The auto industry is not going away and in fact the playing field for those who
wish to stay in the game is only going to expand.  
Land of the Free
What is being done under the guise of bankruptcy and ‘for the good of the
country’ to those dealers who are the foundation of our auto industry is nothing
short of criminal.
Survival of the Biggest?
What should you do if you think your dealership is at stake?  continued
Terminated Dealers
This article provides a detailed analysis of Section 747 of HR 3288 by the law firm
of Bernstein Shur along with advice to dealers who are in the process of deciding
whether or not to arbitrate.  
The Value of your Dealership
There are today and always will be both buyers and sellers of auto dealerships.  
But the real question:  ‘How much will I obtain when I am ready to sell mine?’
remains and the most critical factor in determining when you should sell is always
- Timing.  
What's Hot.... What's Not
In April of 2010 we reported that the value trends we projected for Volkswagen,
Subaru and Ford have proven to be accurate.  Today there is firm evidence that
these particular makes are now at the top of the list of franchises dealers should
look for.  
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